This is It.

Read this fascinating letter from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President-Elect Barack Obama. It’s interesting—definitely aggressive; not exactly polite. But it sort of passive-aggressively says, “I hope we can reach a peaceful situation.” Not a bad sign from a feared dictator.

Listen. We have the opportunity to really work to bring about peace in the world. I think electing Barack Obama as President of the United States could be the start of a great era on Earth. What if we said to the other major leaders of the world, “Look, how do we get peace with you? Let’s do it. (Yes) We can.”

Imagine of John McCain lead an intiative for all the people who voted for him: “Look, you voted for me, and we lost. But now we’ve still got to do what we said we would: work together to come up with solutions that will make this country work. I want to join hands with Barack Obama and make this happen. With your help, (yes) we can.”

This election will be remembered. But imagine if it marks the start of a new era in not just American, but World politics—one in which the entire world realizes that we can work together to solve the great challenges of our generation–to bring about peace and prosperity to all.

The time has come. We are too smart to let the world continue in upheaval as it has. We are smart enough to figure out ways to keep the world peaceful and prosperous. For all the intelligence built up in millions of well-educated and wise thinkers around the globe, we can find a way to make our global society work.

Leaders of the world, and particularly President-Elect Obama, I urge you to make this kind of change an important part of your agenda. (Yes) We can do this.


~ by hobzcalvin on November 7, 2008.

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