A Word for People Concerned about Sustainability

I keep getting sustainability-movement/green-tech followers in Twitter. (It may be because I work at Virgance which runs Carrotmob and One Block Off the Grid.) To those people: Hi! If you’re interested in what I’ve got to say on the topic, listen here:

There are some sweet technologies out there. They will get sweeter. If we really invest in clean tech, it’ll help a lot. But let me break some hard news to those who are hoping we can buy our way out of our problems:

You will have to make changes in your lifestyle!

And this means more than recycling and using both sides of the paper. It will mean biking or taking public transit to places you would much rather drive. It will mean giving up your car entirely, not buying the problem away with a Prius. It will mean reducing your home energy usage, not just buying solar panels. It will mean going vegetarian/vegan or at the very least significantly reducing your meat intake. And in addition to this, obviously, buying local, organic, “happy” meat when you do eat it. Same goes for all the food you eat.

I can’t say I’m the model of the sustainable citizen; few of us are I’m sure. It’s very hard to do so while living in a city, for one thing. But I really don’t think cap and trade or green-tech investments or Priuses or anything you can BUY is going to fix things in the way they really need to be fixed. I could begin to go on about the insaaaaane overcrowding wall we’re about to hit. We’re gonna have to deal with that soon, too, and it’s gonna hurt when there isn’t enough water for all the people in the developed world (as well as the developing which doesn’t have enough already). You won’t be able to water your lawn. You won’t be able to play golf in a desert. Sorry!


~ by hobzcalvin on November 4, 2009.

One Response to “A Word for People Concerned about Sustainability”

  1. http://www.orionmagazine.org/index.php/articles/article/4801/
    i love you grant. let’s revolt!

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