Why you should come to the fundraiser I’m DJing Saturday

I met Courtney after my first Phish show a few months ago. She was doing a fine job running things on a party bus that wandered the East Bay on its eventual way back to San Francisco. She was also DJing (she does that) and sporting a toga. Legit.

So when she asked me if I’d DJ pro-bono for this fundraiser she’s having, I said sure. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the cause.

But after the sound check for Courtney’s Little Art Auction Supporting Second-graders (C.L.A.A.S.S.), we chatted about her situation. Her second-grade class is mostly children of recent Mexican immigrants. It’s a bilingual situation; their English-speaking skills vary. Most parents are poor and working hard. Her classroom has a budget of…wait for it…ZERO DOLLARS. So she’s been paying out of her own pocket for the various things I deem essential to a great public-school education. Field trips? Science projects? Crayons??

On top of this, San Francisco teachers took a pay cut this year to avoid widespread layoffs. So Courtney’s been digging into her own pocket even more than before. And this is for kids at serious risk of dropping out before they even hit sixth grade.

Hence her fundraiser. She’s silent-auctioning off the kids’ paintings so they can be involved in the process. There will be tamales, drinks, and me (DJ Space Cat) playing an assortment of funky lounge tunes. (Kids won’t be there.) You should come, really, if just for a short time to support this excellent and LOCAL cause. Details:

C.L.A.A.S.S.: Courtney’s Little Art Auction Supporting Second-graders
Saturday, October 23 4PM-8PM
Artspace 4500
4500 19th St. @ Douglass, San Francisco
$20 suggested donation

You can also donate via Paypal to claassdonation@yahoo.com.

Thanks for supporting local public schools! See you there!


~ by hobzcalvin on October 18, 2010.

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